• No Alcohol, Drugs, or Smoking
  • No intentional physical contact is permitted between players while the game is in session
  • No violent or disruptive behavior is allowed on the premises
  • Nobody under the age of 18 is permitted in the game
  • No pictures or videotaping inside the game
  • No climbing or jumping, all puzzles are accessible and nothing is hidden out of reach
  • No disassembling, vandalizing, or forcing puzzles or props, devices will open or activate when solved

If there is a problem or an emergency use the intercom located in the center of the room on the fireplace to contact an attendant or just go back the way you came in and an attendant will assist you or escort you to safety. If you are unable to go back the way you came in, you can use any other illuminated exit.

If you violate these rules intentionally or by mistake you will be warned by the attendant, if you continue to violate these rules you will be removed from the game without refund. Please be courteous to others, this is a game and is intended to be fun but it is also a business and the rules need to be respected for the safety of everyone involved and the preservation of the game.

If you get stuck on a puzzle or just generally need help you can use the intercom on the fireplace mantle to request help but keep in mind with every helpful hint you will be deducted five minutes off your overall time.