Location? Parking?

The game is located in West Philadelphia at 4751 Woodland Ave (at the corner of 48th and Woodland) in University City a few blocks from Clarke Park. There is usually on street parking around the park accross the street or on the bridge next to the building. You can also park along the building on the 48th street side.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your game time so that we can have you sign your waiver, get you situated, and brief you on the rules and safety procedures. Escape Games are unique in that you can't be late or you won't be admitted into the game, the main reason being that you need to understand the rules and the game is a set time and once it starts, it can't be stopped or moved back. We will do everything in our power to work you into the next available slot but that depends on tickets sold and availability. Please be aware we can not issue refunds if you are late or you can't make your game, mainly for the reason that your ticket acts as a deposit on a game time that is taken, and can no longer be bought by another person. We are a business, and we can only make this happen if everyone is treated equally and held accountable to their participation. If you can't make your game you can always transfer the ticket to another person by giving them the information you received.

What is a room escape?

Well, there are so many and they vary so greatly, at this point you should be able to find endless information on the web. This room escape is a throwback style escape game that is reflective of great old haunted attractions of yesteryear with a modern, room escape twist.

Is it scary?

This escape game is more ambiance and mystery, then it is designed to be startling. I guess if you are afraid of Scooby Doo or Murder She Wrote then this is probably too scary for you.

Are we locked in forever?

Yes, we will lock you in a tomb forever!! No room escape actually locks you in, there is always a release of some kind, due to the fact that most locks ar e electronic and insurance companies don't like it when people are locked in anywhere. This room escape is designed for you to make your way through Castle Dracula with the best time, but it always allows you to go backwards even though you may not make it all the way through. The teams with the highest time will be displayed on the web site like the high score on a video game.

Can I attend the game alone or will I have to go with someone, and will I be with people I don't know?

The minimum tickets you can buy are 2 tickets and that is because its about time slots and we can't run a game for one person. You can come with a full group of 7 or just a friend and be paired with up to 5 other people to make a full group of 7. I think 7 people is a big enough group and more then that can be difficult for players and attendants.

Can we book a whole night for a group?

yes .. you would just buy all 14 tickets for weekdays and the last 14 tickets for weekends for a 3-4 hour span. You can contact us through the web site for a corporate booking or to reserve a whole night for a private party.

Is this escape game easy to win or is it difficult?

The game is challenging and not everyone will make it through but either way its fun to try to solve the mystery.

Are there prizes or easter eggs?

yes hidden throughout the game are easter eggs (paper prize coupons), that some may find and can redeem for actual prizes at the end of the game.

Can we bring food or drinks into the game?

This is absolutely not allowed and there is no alcohol allowed on the premises. This is for many reason, but mainly for insurance, liquor laws, and safety. The game is mor e enjoyable if you are sober because it does involve thinking and that usually works better when you are not intoxicated. Most of our games are on the early side of the evening, so there is always plenty of time afterwards to hit up your favorite watering hole.

Can I prepare for the game ahead of time and is it possible to get help?

You can read about Dracula or Vlad the Impaler before you attend but you will get all the info you need inside the game. It is unnecessary to get help before the game because you can always ask for help inside the game.

Is it possible to do the game more then once?

You won't be able to do the game twice due to the fact you will have too many clues and it will be easy for you to get through.

Do we have to force or break open anything to get out?

You won't need to force an ything open, break anything, tear anything apart, climb on anything, or use any tools!! All the clues are accessible and within reach, and everything will function with normal handling, its mind over muscle so please use your minds.

What if I am late?

We will start the game without you, we have cut off times for rules and pictures and we can't make the games after yours suffer.

Can I set up a game in person?

We don't have that set up right now, so everything is actually done online.

Is your game handicap accessible?

We are currently not handicapped accessible, right now and we are not a suitable game for people with epilepsy or heart conditions.